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Saturday, 3 December 2011


This week I have been on a website trying to find people in a band who need a singer (which would be me!!), I couldn't believe that I received 3 replys to my advert in one day! Obviously this was quite exciting as i have never done anything like this before............. So after making contact things started to escalate over the course of the week, with private messages and emails relating to music we all like to what we would like to do in a band.

This then led onto meeting somewhere for a coffee to chat!!! OMG meeting strangers to chat.......... don't worry took the husband along to meet them and stayed in public places!!!!

So this morning I met 2 blokes - 1 a guitarist and the other a drummer, we talked about music, where to rehearse and so on................................ we ended up agreeing to some songs to sing and are in the process of arranging a time when the rest of the band are free to have a jamming session to see how it goes!!!!!

Now i just need to learn a couple of songs Thin Lizzy Jailbreak and the Black Crowes Hard to handle as the band can already do them !!!!!

So will see what happens?????

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